About the breed

American Akitas are a large, powerful, majestic breed that resemble bears. They are originally from Japan where they were used as hunting, guard and fighting dogs. Nowadays they are company dogs, often seen in hobbies like conformation shows, nosework or obedience. They are intelligent but stubborn and need to be properly motivated when trained. Akitas are very loyal and protective to their families, and tend to be wary of strangers. They are gentle dogs but due to their dominant nature some might not tolerate other dogs. That is why an early socialization for people, children, animals and different situations is very important for this breed.

As a family dog, the American Akita thrives on being in the company of its owner, and their are happy living in houses, where they are calm and clean dogs. They are not very active, but they need moderate daily exercise, like long walks on cool weather, so the Finnish nature is ideal for this breed. Like most of hunting spitzs they have a naturally high prey drive and will have a tendency to chase and potentially catch wildlife, that is why they must always go on a leash, and they can be in the dog parks as long as there are no other dogs at the same time.

Their double coat is easy to maintain, but when they shed ( 2 times per year) is necessary to bath more frecuently. A high quality food based on fish protein will keep the skin and coat healthy. American Akitas, like all pure breed dogs, are prone to some diseasses, especially musculoskeletal disorders, eye and autoimmune diseasses. But other issues might be found.

American Akitas are wonderful dogs but they need responsible owners. There is a high abandonment rate of Akitas in those countries where the breed became popular, and the reason is always the owners were not prepared to meet their needs. Rescue societies provide honest and practical information about the breed which you might consider reading too!

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