Breeding is a hobby and a passion I have had since I was a teenager, it is not a business. I breed primarily for myself, litters are result of long term planning, taking into consideration several variables. I try my best to breed healthy American Akitas with nice temperament and correct structure and type. My criteria is very high and that is the reason why we don´t bred often.  If you are interested in a puppy from us, please read first the following to understand our puppy placement process:

How do I get a puppy?

So if you are interested in a puppy, I will be happy to hear as much as possible from you & your family, from your background in dog´s, why are you interested in American Akitas, and what are your expectations from the puppy. I aim to match puppies to homes I think will suit their individual characteristics. Not every home will suit an American Akita and not every puppy will suit every home.

I speak Finnish, English and Spanish. Because I´m often busy that is why there is no contact phone numbers in here. You are welcome to send me a message throught the next form: