Breeding plans

Sorry we have no available puppies

( More information on planned litters as soon as things progress )

Border Collie puppies from our first litter in 2007


Occasionally we have puppies. Dog breeding is not a business for me, the main reason for breeding is to produce quality dogs. I strive to achieve a certain outline, those healthy and functional types who are more true to the breed according to my own interpretation of the existing standards ( FCI –  standard , AKC – standard & KC – standard). I don´t make breeding decisions based on titles alone, nor trends or colors.. Health and temperament are very important as well in order to preserve the breed over time. Our dogs are at least eye tested, elbow & hip x-rayed as required by the Finnish Kennel Club. I select balanced temperaments so they are dogs easy to live with, if you want a guard dog for the yard, I am not the breeder for you. My puppies are bred to be family members first and foremost, with the conformation and temperament to be competitive in dog hobbies and to live healthy long lives.

Puppies by Japanese painter Takeuchi Seiko

Puppy announcements and photos will be posted here on the website as the things progress. As they grow up and develope I then look through the responses from those who have enquired to see which would be a good match for each puppy. I do not promise puppies until they are around 7 weeks old, that is when they are more developed, when they show their personalities and when they are vet checked and vaccined.  My puppies are wormed regularly from birth, they are given an early vaccination at 6 weeks old, this way we can start safely their socialization, it is especially important that American Akitas have an early socialization when puppies.


When they are between 7- 8 weeks old it is typically time to arrange the visits so we all can meet ( included the puppies mother- and father too if available), chat about the puppies, about any question or concerns you may have regarding feeding, raising, training, health checks, etc. If you like the puppy I have chosen for you we can arrange the date when you come to pick up your pup when they are around 8 weeks old. Our American Akita book and a puppy pack are included. I will of course be happy to hear news from you sometimes,  and you can contact me any time all through the life of your dog since puppyhood until the old age in case you have problems. Since I am responsible to every puppy I breed, I will always take back any of my pups for any reason at any time. However I would prefer they went to their forever home the first time which is why I carefully choose their new family.


I like to have 2 dogs at home at the same time so it is easier for me to properly attend them, and as much as I would like to keep whole litters with me, it is not possible. When I make breeding plans, combinations are so interesting that I would want to keep a puppy for my future breeding. That is why eventually some puppies become available in co-ownership and others are available as companion pets. So if you are interested in a puppy from my breeding let me know about you and your family, why are you interested in American Akitas, what you are looking for in your future family member etc.. The more information you give me the easier it is for me to know if one of my available puppies will suit you 🙂